Sunday, 9th April 2017


At The Department  of Economics ,Calcutta University(CU)

Kantakol Campus, 56A, B.T. Road , Kolkata 70050.

Time: From 11AM to 5PM



Programme : 100 Years of the Department  of Economics,CU                        

Registration :                                                    10:30AM

 Cental Committee (CC) Meeting  :                                   11 :30 AM

1)       Annual General  Body Meeting (AGM):                        12:00 Noon

A) Welcome address by The President , AACUED /and Head of the Department,

B) Condolence  in Memory of the Teachers and Alumni , no more with us.

C) Prize/Scholarship Distributions event.                                          

       D) Submission of  Secretary ‘s Report by Secretary  and     

          Audited Reports  of the  AACUED by Treasurer, AACUED            

       E) Election of New Central Committee(CC) Members for the Year 2017-19.        : 1: 00PM

           and  Announcement and Closing of the  event :



 2)       Cultural Programme:

        Drama: Atho Gadhamangal Kavya by Kandar (Mousumi Manna and Team.: 1:30 PM

 3)      Lunch , Buffet (Cuisine : Common Bangla  Summer ) :                               2:00 PM                                                                         

 4)      Cultural Programme by the Present Students   :                                          3:00 PM

          Drama and  Songs and by theFormerStudents                                                         

5)      Closing Ceremony and Vote of Thanks:                                                     5:00 PM




Registration Fees:

As  decided:  Registration fee (Excluding the Current Students): Re300/- only.

For Current Students Registration Fee: Rs. 100/- only.

For AACUED Annual Members(past) Extra: Rs 100/ only,  ( i.e., Registration in total  Rs.400/- only ).

For NEW,AACUED  Membership Fee Extra  Rs.200/- only, (i.e., New members to pay  in total Rs. 500/;only).

For NEW Life members Extra Rs. 2,000/- only (i.e., Rs 2,300 in total)

Please pay in cash or in Crossed  Cheque for amount Rs. 2000/- and more;  (in favour of Alumni Association  of Calcutta University Economics Department .


(AACUED Bank :IDBI  : Account No.0400104000034849/(IFS Code: IBKL 0000400)PAN of the AACUED :AACTA3049F.





Alumni Association Calcutta University Economics Department ,Calcutta



 The Department of Economics, University of Calcutta



Registered Office : Department of Economics, University of Calcutta

       56A, B.T. Road, Kolkata - 700 050


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