Office Bearer (2015-2017)

Name Phone No Designation
Sri Trinath Sinha 9830210409 President
Sri Abhirup Sarkar 9830111871 Vice President
Sri Mrinal Kanti Dasgupta 9830458502 Vice President
Sri Ujjal Chowdhury 9830364545 Joint Secretary
Ms Abanti Gupta 9831089910 Joint Secretary
Sri Amit Dasgupta 9432163613 Treasurer
Sri Uttam Bhattacharya 9936947392 General Secretary

Dear Members , Please download the form and send it to the Returning Officer,Election Committeee, AACUED.
Sri Mihir Sengupta,(Returning Officer):Email: (as has been decided in the CC meeting on 11 February,2017)
CC to
Sri Mrinal Kanti Das (, Member Election Committee,AACUED
Sri Amal Kanta Das (, Member Election Committee,AACUED
Sri Uttam Bhattacharya(,Gen Sec., AACUED